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14DEC11 New photos and edits
08JUL11 Theater rebuilt - Still here!
11OCT07 Beginning site refresh.
11JUL06  Update VGA from CAT5 and General Maint.
19MAY06 New Pro Speaker Project, plus gen maint.
05NOV05 New Pro Amp Project updated Equipment
04JUL05  Updated VGA from CAT5 page.
23DEC04  Updates to Dream Gear.


This site is here to share my experiences with the challenging, time and money consuming, sometimes exasperating hobby of  Home Theater.

There is more here than just a few pictures; so take your time and look around!  
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Collins' Cinema in operation w/ lights on (real screen shot on HT photo) click for details.
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This site is dedicated to my mother, who always believed you can do anything you put your mind to.
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