Home Theater Quiz

Objective: Answer 7 questions correctly to advance to the next level.

Hint: Most of the answers can be found on this website.

This quiz is just for fun! Suggestions for new questions welcome.

1. WARM-UP: What does the abbreviation HT stand for?

His/Her Toy
Holy Terror
Home Theater
Huge Timewaster

2. Which of these types of video connections offers the highest potential picture quality.

RF Modulator

3. Which of the following audio track recording methods is a digital technology?

Dolby Pro Logic
Both a and b
Neither a or b

4. What video resolution are NTSC DVD's recorded in (horizontal x vertical)?

700 x 525
800 x 600
1440 x 960
720 x 480

5. What does the .1 stand for in a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack?

The frequency limited surround channel
The single center channel
The LFE (Low Frequency Effects) channel
The single optical or coaxial cable used to tranmit the AC3 signal

6. Which of the following is a "Widescreen" format?

All of the above

7. A sound pressure level (loudness) of 106dB is:

Not very loud
Moderately loud
Uncomfortably loud
Will cause instant hearing loss

8. For soundtrack playback, it is important that the speakers all be:

Matched in timbre
Full range models
Painted black
Within 18 inches of the monitor

9. Displaying a widescreen picture on a standard (4:3) display results in black bars called:

Black Boxing
Pillar Boxing
Letter Boxing

10. Which of the following is not true of progressive scan DVD video?

Requires processing beyond MPEG decoding
Any TV can display a progressive signal
Improves picture quality
Can result in "combing" with video source material

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