Theater Room Acoustic Treatment
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My intention is to beef up the theater room envelope to provide better sound isolation from the rest of the house, and to keep as much low frequency energy in the room, where I can feel it!

The other part of this project is to reduce first sound reflections which produce harmonic distortion at the listening point and improve the surround sound field dispersion.

I'll post detailed plans here as they develop.  I've already added insulation above the ceiling, and in the walls.  The next steps will likely be more drastic....
December 2002 Update:

I've started the process by adding acoustic treatement in the form of  Insulshield on the front wall of the theater behind the drapes.  I've purchased enough Insulshield plus Guilford of Maine FR701 fabric to treat and cover the side and rear walls.

I've also gotten a plan together to add a back wall, columns, 7.1 sound, and possibly some soffits.  The renovation will also include a new in-wall equipment rack.
Roll of Insulshield
Johns Mansville Linacoustic, marketed as duct work insulation.  1" thick, 47" wide x 100' roll. 
Insulshield installed on front wall of theater.
Theater remodel plans, click for a larger, zoomable, view.
HT Room Frequency Response
Current Home Theater frequecy response, at the main listening position.  Some work to do, especially in the low frequencies.
September 2003 Update:

Low frequency response has been tamed!  The above frequency response plot shows the initial in room response from 10 - 100 Hz in blue (bottom line) and the response after applying 9 channels of parametric equalization (top red line) with a Behringer Feedback Destroyere Pro.  The response is now within +/- 3dB from 20Hz up, with a slight peak to +5 at 25-30Hz.  This bump is by design to give that low end punch.