Annotated photos of our home theater.  Some photos were taken with an NTSC video capture card and camcorder; their resolution reflects this.  Latest screen shots were taken with a Minolta Dimage S304 Digital Camera.

Pictures are previews, click for  a larger image.
"Business End"  operating in 1.85:1 mode.  Theater uses variable height masking.  Current set up with CRT projector.
"An Ideal Husband" playing.
Collins' Cinema in idle.
Bar in rear of Theater 2.0, can see speakers in front with curtains removed.
Equipment Rack, more info on Equipment page.
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16 x 9 Ideal Husband
2.35:1 Gladiator
LCD Projector
Projector mount and custom DIY hush box for Sony LCD projector
Bar area adjacent to the theater. 
Pre colort filter Image from Fifth Element
Screen shot from "The Fifth Element"   2.35:1
The professor, Toy Story, 1.85:1
"Toy Story 2" 1.85:1
"Toy Story 2" 1.85:1,
"Star Wars Episode I" 2.35:1
Same film clip from  "The Fifth Element" 2.35:1 (CC Filter)
Imax Everest, 4:3
"Everest" 4:3
Maximus, the Gladiator
"Gladiator" 2.35:1

Post colort filter Image from Fifth Element
The difference between these "Fifth Element" shots is attributable somewhat to a better digicam, but there are some real improvements made by adding a color correcting filter  then recalibrating.
Maximus, the Victor
"Gladiator" 2.35:1

Both of these images were taken with the Minolta camera, the one on the left was without the CC filter, the one on the right with it, note the better flesh tones..
Titan AE, 2.35:1
Ship in Nebula, Titan AE, 2.35:1
"Titan AE" 2.35:1

"Titan AE" 2.35:1

"Superbowl XXXVII"  720p HDTV, 1.85:1 (150K file)

Click to see a comparison of "The Princess Bride" standard and Special Editions.
                                           (300K of graphics)
Both of these images(below) link to larger images (~120K) that give a good representation of the actual displayed image.  Not too shabby for a business projector pressed into HT service.
Anikin in his Pod Racer, SWTPM, 2.35:1
Toy Story, 16 x 9 (1.85:1)
More Photos in the Automation and Media distribution section.
Collins' Cinema Logo
Image displayed by HTPC as wallpaper, also as a splash screen for the DVD Player

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Screen images are intended to demonstrate system capabilities and are copyright the orignal owners.

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Leeloo, The Fifth Element
Same film clip from  "The Fifth Element" 2.35:1 (Filter and calibrate)
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Visitor's Gallery, Your Pics Wanted!
Acoustic Research Phantom 5.2 Surround.  Before wires were in the wall. 
DIY Equipment Flexy Rack with HTPC on the bottom, AR-1 Mains on the right.
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View to back
Theater 2.0
View to the rear of the theater.  You can see some antireflective treatment on the ceiling.
Theater 2.0 in operation.  Click to see the layout.
Superbowl in HD
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Screen shot from "Resident Evil"   1.85:1, CRT Projector
Pictures below are from Theater 1.0, rebuilt in 2011