If cost, space and time were no object...

JBL Sythesis(TM) Ultra: THX(TM) certified, multi speaker home theater audio system, includes 8,320 watts of amplification and  six - 18" subs.  Yours for $109,500 USD (upgraded electrical service to support this is extra).  JBL has announced a new model in the series, the Hercules, THX Ultra Certified, more power, more speakers plus an auto calibration system.  Starts at $150,000
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Given the commission:  "Go forth and build the Ultimate Home Theater, no restrictions, just do it...."  here is some of the gear I would consider.  A bit silly...yes; fun...definately!

What would be your choices??  Items marked with an (*) are submitted by visitors... get your choices listed!

Barco DP1000
Barco D-Cine(TM) Premiere DP100 DLP Cinema Projector, an advanced large screen Digital Cinema projector; combining the highest resolution 2k DLP Cinema™ technology from Texas Instruments, supports up to a 75 ft wide screen depending on lamp choice.  This is going to require some room modifications, but if you can swing the $200,000+ USD price tag, it just doesn't matter.
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Last update: July 8, 2011
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Teranex(TM) Video Computer.  A processor dedicated to each pixel, quite impressive, closest thing to turning SDTV to HDTV, all digital path, top models are $100K plus, entry level $30K plus.  Stay tuned Silcon Optix is bringing this technology to a home theater scaler soon... - More Info
Meridian Reference 800(*):  A true reference quality DVD player (and CD player), almost sounds silly to call this a "player", really more of a DVD machine.  $14,500+.
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Radeon Equipped HTPC with TheaterTek Software DVD player

Panasonic AJ-HD-2700: Multi-Format D-5 HD Mastering VTR.  Might as well go to the source.  Pro HD tape deck used for mastering HD programming.  Records up to 124 mins of D-5 HD material on a 1/2" tape cassette.
MSRP: $64,500
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Stewart Ultramatte(TM) 150, 10' H x 17' W  with an Electrimask System.  Big, but smaller that most commercial cinemas.   Same material many theaters use. After all this is a home theater ;-)  I figure this could fit in an open two story room pretty easily. 
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ServoDrive(TM) Contrabass(TM) or B-DEAP32 Subwoofers: Just in case the 6 -18" subs in the JBL package don't get the air moving enough, tack a couple of these guys on.  Ouputs 114dB at 16Hz with 500W of input power!  At only $5,000 USD each, these guys are the bargain of the bunch.  One of the few HT components that has the capacity to cause structural damage.  -More Info
So what's the total damage? With some selections yet to be made, adding a bit (say $15K) for cables and another $25K for a control system the total comes to about $550,000.  Not including the home, just the theater equipment.

HALCRO(TM) dm68 Monoblock Amplifiers: Alternate amplifers to the JBL's for critical listening applications.  225W /channel and unbelievable distortion specs -- smooth.  $13,500 USD each.
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Sony G90 9" CRT :  For a projector that can more accurately be called a home theater projector (although developed for commercial use) it's tough to top the G90.  Smooth, wonderful image. Bright (for a CRT) with a potential resolution of 2500 x 2500 pixels!  $36,000.  We would need to go with a smaller screen, and possibly even stack two of them to increase the output.  This projector can truly bring an HD image to life at 1080p.  -More Info
Sony Qualia 004 :  Full 1920 x 1080p HD resolution, LCOS technology, three lens choices, DVI and HDMI inputs, sleek beautiful design, did I mention it makes a fabulous picture?  $30,000 with lens
-More Info
Alternate speaker system (*): ATC Multichannel Concept 7 Collection powered surround speaker system: A UK built self powered system, described as "effortless" and "the real thing".  Each main speaker has three separate amps totalling 350 wpc.  A complete set for only $93,000 USD (they ought to be real special)
-More Info
DLA-QX1  D-ILA High Resolution (QXGA, 2048 x 1536) Projector *: We can use this with the Teranex processor, listed below.  This projector made a big impression on folks at the 2002 NAB convention.  Nearly double the resolution of the D-Cine head with 7000 lumens.  Be the first on your block to have one for only $225,000 USD (Ouch!).
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Lexicon MC-12 Preamp/Processor*: Lexicon's top of the line MC-12 does: Dolby Digital, EX, and Pro Logic II; DTS and DTS ES ; THX; and Lexicon's proprietary,  Logic 7 format, get the one with balanced inputs and outputs for the extra grand.  Very flat response, just the ticket for the top shelf speakers and amps we've picked. $10,000 USD .  -More Info
Digital Projections' Lightning 35HD R*: 12000 ANSI Lumens • 2000:1 contrast. The 2 million pixel (2048 x 1080) 35HD-R represents powerful home cinema entertainment. As the most resolute platform available for home cinema use,  DPI also makes very nice "smaller" 3-chip DLP projectors :)  Price ?? Guess $150,000 USD.
- More Info

QSC Audio Powerlight PL 9.0PFC: Audiophiles may quibble with the inclusion of a "pro" amp, but for clean, monster power, QSC amps are hard to beat.  1800 Watts/Ch into 8 ohms stereo, 3200 Watts/Ch into 4 ohms stereo and a whopping 9000W into 4 ohms bridged mono!   Only $7,000 USD MSRP each.
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Alternate speaker system (*): B&W Nautilus 800 Series: How about a set of Nautilus 801's all arount with an HTM1 center channel.  Just gotta sound sweet! ~$35,000 for the set (could upgrade the whole thing to the Nautilus for about $85,000 more, not counting the multiple amplifiers these require per enclosure)
-More Info
This section really applies to both Audio and Video.  Good quality cables are an important part of any system, and since there are no budget contraints, why not go for the best.  Some suggestions:

QED (*): Interconnects and speaker cables.   - More info

Kimber Kables:  Speaker cables and interconnects.  Can be very pricey (>$1,000 for a set of cables!) - More info

Belden 1694a and Canare Connectors for Video

The Fine Print:  This page is not intended as an endorsement of any product or suitability of any product for a specific purpose.  It is just a fun listing of some high quality gear, and nothing more!

D-Box Odyssee:  "Ride the Movies", okay I think Universal Studios already has that line trademarked, but it applies here.  Forget the tactile transducers, this baby will lift and shake up to 1600lbs.  Computer controlled and syncronized to the on screen action this unit is a full blown motion simulator.  $15,000 base cost.
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Schneider Videolaser* :  A full 7W of laser output power with a potential resolution of 1365 x 1130, 5000:1 contrast ratio and a 10,000 hour laser life, laser sharp images on any surface (no focus).  What's not to like.  It's big, heavy and draws 3KW of power.  $300,000.  -More Info
JM Lab Grande Utopia Be:*
Uses a new Beryllium tweeter with an innovative magnet structure.  The predecessors to these speakers (non BE model) were part of the best of show theater at CES 2001.
~$75,000 pr.
-More Info
Panasonic D5 Master
Genelec Active Loudspeakers:
One of the top names in active monitors is also a high end home theater speaker manufacturer.  Genelec speakers excel with great dynamics and accuracy.  A top system would be 1036A monitors across the front with 2 HTS6 monster subs.   Should set you back about $100K.
-More Info
Sound Physics Labs Runts (Radicals):
A high quality pro speaker manufacturer with a record of innovative engineering has produced (and patented) a time coherent unity horn design.  The Runts are the entry point with plenty of dynamics to spare, for a huge room you could move up to the TD-1.  The Radicals are the Runts in Home Theater Dress.  Pair with the ServoDrive subs below.  A set accross the front comes in under $10K.  -More Info