Projects that are underway or planned to improve some aspect or another of  my home theater.   Ideas or comments are welcome.  Click on the links for details.
IR Control of HTPC:  I have an IRman serial port IR receiver on order.  When it arrives I plan to use it to control the software DVD player, lighting controller and DScaler on the HTPC with my univerasal IR remote control (Sony RM-AV2100).
20NOV. IRman arrived.  Already controlling Theater Tek DVD Player, next project Siren and lighting control.
12/04 Integrating with Universal Remotes MX-800.
Second row of seating: Add a platform behind the main couch to allow for two recliners to be located with a direct view of the screen.  Also add a small proscenium with accent lighting.  It can double as a stage for my daughters performaces. Seating buit, stage pending....
This website: I'm so far behind on documenting projects its not even funny any more!!

Bias Lighting:  Experiment with some rope lights and 6500K lighting behind screen.  Have some small (4 watt) lamps for bias lighting now.  Hope to improve perceived contrast.  This is on indefinte hold since my move to CRT.
Amplifier Upgrade:  I think that an amplifier upgrade may improve the sound quality.  I am already very happy with the quality and quantity, but I think that this is the biggest area for improvement.  I am considering an Outlaw 750 and their new pre/pro if it ever materializes.  Comments and opinions on this welcome!

I am even considering building an amp, but a 5 or more channel amp will be quite a time consumer.  But a heck of a project!

3/02 Update:  I am now strongly considering using several commercial amplifers, these amps have good specs, great reliability, and awesome watts/$$.  Currently considering Samson, QSC and maybe Crown.

8/03 Update: Bought two QSC RMX 850 Amps, 200 WPC into 8 ohms, stable into 2 ohms.  They've  really added to the dynamics of the theater sound.  Fans are a bit loud, but I'll fix that....  Check out the Equipment page.

11/05 Moved to sucessful projects.  Went down the pro-amp road and never looked back....

The difference between a home theater enthusiast and someone who enjoys home theater is that the enthusiast cannot leave well enough alone (Chronic tweakaholic).

Regardless of the cost or type of theater, the enthusiast has always got a few more tweaks to try to get a little better picture, or a little more lifelike sound...
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Vibration Damping: Adding insulation above the ceiling to damp bass and resonant frequency induced vibrations. 
Darken Ceiling and Stage: Since my move to CRT projection, the white tiles in the theater ceiling need some attention.  I don't really want to paint them, but may need to.   Also considering building a low stage in front of the screen to darken the floor and accent the screen.  A seating upgrade may also be in the works
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Tweaks: Always looking for a "quick win" or even a more complex  procedure for getting more performance for not a lot of money or time investment.  Check the link for some of the things I've tried to improve the video and audio performance of my system.  There's always somethig new to try...
Theater Room Acoustic Treatment:  One of the biggest improvements you can make in the sound of a system is to improve the acoustic environment.  I've been studying up on this subject recently and am preparing to make some changes to my Home Theater room to improve the sound.