HTPC Silence:  Attempts to silence the HTPC have included adding insulation, changing fans, removing grills, changing coolers, reducing fan voltages, and a husher enclosure.  Sound levels have decreased from well over 40dB to the low 30's but still audible at the listening spot. 

Widescreen Desktop:  Attempts to get a functional widescreen desktop involved trying component vs. RGBHV inputs to the projector only to discover that the 16x9 mode of the projector uses only the internal scaler to compress the picture, having no effect on pixel size.
Looks like it would take a Panamorph or a similar lens to accomplish this correctly. 

Black Level Improvement:  Use neutral density and color correcting filters to improve black levels.  So far I have not found a combination that gives good results.  The neutral density filters reduce the light output too much and correcting color for use with the color correcting filter has proven more difficult than I thought.  May require a light meter and filters to get right.

UPDATE:  Filters now working! Moved to success stories.
Projects I have undertaken to improve some aspect or another of my home theater.   These projects had less than stellar results. Click on the links for details.  I have subjectively rated the projects on their value, impact and meeting objectives (scale 1 to 5 with 5 high)
The difference between a home theater enthusiast and someone who enjoys home theater is that the enthusiast cannot leave well enough alone (chronic tweakaholics).

Regardless of the cost or type of theater, the enthusiast has always got a few more tweaks to try to get a little better picture, or a little more lifelike sound...
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