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About me (avoiding metaphysical discussions):

I am a licensed professional engineer by trade, with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Missouri at Rolla (UMR). While at school I worked as a DJ and maintenance engineer at KMNR radio, and later ran my own DJ business. In my current work, I design communications infrastructure including; structured cabling systems, audio systems, video and CCTV systems, alarm systems, and control systems for both industrial and commercial installations.

My interest in audio goes all the way back to my grade school days when I took apart an old console radio and record player and remounted the speakers in enclosures made of discarded fence boards to "improve" the sound...it may have actually worked. I received my first "real" stereo in High School, a Fisher rack system, which I used constantly. In college I started upgrading; first a pair of Boston A100 speakers (that I still have and use) then a CD player, and it never really stops does it?

Along the way I have helped many friends and relatives choose and set up audio/video systems that met their needs, answered their questions and repaired equipment when it malfunctioned.

I'm mysphyt on AVSforum and Home Theater Spot, Christian C on Home Theater Forum, and ChristianC at Home Theater Talk

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