The Extron RGB 120p is a universal interface that was designed to mate almost any RGB source to a display device. It can output RGBs, RGBHV, and RGsB signals with sync pass through or force negative sync. It also has horizontal and vertical centering controls, variable signal gain, and peaking control. The peaking control can help make up for high frequency losses found in very long cable runs, not normally an issue in home theater.

This voltage output of computer video cards and STB's with an RGB output is 0.7Vp-p. The reason many people want these units is their ability to add gain and force negative sync. Barco projectors require negative sync for their 5-BNC RGB inputs, and many Barco and Electrohome projectors are specified with 1.0Vp-p RGB inputs, so they benefit from the gain this unit can add.

Extron RGB 108 and 202xi units will also fill this need.

The Clarity Series MP-1 video card modification is a lower noise alternative to these Extron units for driving projectors from HTPC's.
Extron Interface

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